The International Advertising & Design Data Base (IADDB) was launched in 2014, and we have steadily been working on improving it since its inception. New features have been added, old functionalities fine-tuned, and new collections of posters, monograms, and journals are constantly being added. At this point, June 2017, nearly 90.000 images, over 90 magazine titles, and over 900 monograms are, among others, directly accessible through the IADDB website. Altogether the IADDB creates a perfect starting point for one’s research and image searches. 

With the help of the family of the late René Wanner (formerly the Posterpage website), we have succeeded in putting the yearbooks of the Warsaw Poster Biennale online.

Please enjoy at Biennale Plakatu Warszawa

As René’s passing leaves a void with regard to present-day actualities the IADDB team has decided to provide our users with information on upcoming exhibitions, auctions and new publications. 

 Screenshot Biennale Plakata Warszawa

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