• What is the IADDB?

    The International Advertising & Design DataBase (IADDB) in 2014 was founded in The Netherlands. Its goal is to collect and connect all forms of advertisement and function as an online hotspot for researchers, collectors, museums or anyone else interested in the subject. Among others, you can find high resolution scans of advertisements,  posters and magazines, soundbites from radio commercials and clips of TV commercials. On top of this the IADDB provides a research collection, including artists monograms, an overview of museums and archives and information about designers and advertisers. Please visit About the IADDB as well as Contents for more information.

  • Am I allowed to use material found on IADDB.org?

    Once you have permission from the entitled parties you are free to use the material as agreed upon. The IADDB aims to collect all the information that is needed to come to an agreement.
    The IADDB stimulates entitled parties to make their claims public through the database. As not every entitled party is aware of this possibility yet, the website, to be on the safe side, standardly indicates that “copyright has not expired”. In many cases however the copyright has expired as the artist has died over 70 years ago. With advertising material in some cases the rights to use were bought exclusively by the advertiser, and sometimes the advertiser does not exist anymore. In some cases it is not possible to prove who holds the copyright. If you want to use material found on IADDB.org you need consent from the IADDB and/or the relevant entitled parties.
    Please note that a claim that someone holds a copyright is nothing more than the word indicates: a claim. Copyrights can expire, can be sold and can be part of an undivided inheritance, to name just a few possibilities. Please be aware of claims that will not hold up in a court of law. Claims made by living artists usually can be trusted, also even than the possibility exists that the rights belong to the advertiser and/or publisher. For more information, please read our Disclaimer.

  • Can the IADDB help me with loans?

    Yes. In most cases you will find the source of an image through the included metadata. In this case you can find the website with contact information here. Every institution maintains their own standards when it comes to loans. Check with the caretaker of an object for their requirements. If you cannot find the caretaker of an object, or if you have any other questions, you can contact the IADDB directly for help.

  • Is it possible to submit to the International Advertising and Design Database?

    Yes. It is the IADDB’s goal to publicize as much information as possible through the database and we encourage the public to actively participate by adding images, names, dates and all other kinds of information. It is also possible for museums, archives and other collectors of advertisement and design to submit their collections and improve their accessibility. The IADDB encourages bringing audiences and collections together. For submissions or questions about adding data you can contact the IADDB.

  • How can I help?

    The IADDB is a non-profit organization. Any form of help is greatly appreciated. We are always looking for funds to keep the database running and up to date. It is also possible to volunteer and help us to make sure the standards of the site are maintained. If you would like more information about the possibilities to help, please contact the IADDB.