The International Advertising & Design DataBase (IADDB) aims to give direct access to everything the world of advertisement and design has to offer.
The IADDB is built on the collections of galleries, private collectors, institutions and other supporters from all over the world and was started with the help of numerous volunteers. The primary goal is to make these wonderful collections of ephemer, now scattered around the world, accessible in a central place for a broad audience. As a result, the IADDB is not the owner of the materials shown on the website, nor does it own any of the copyrights. For more information on the copyright issue, please see our Disclaimer. Of course, if there are any questions regarding these issues we are glad to help.
NOTE: The website is still a work in progress and needs fine tuning in several places. We are busy completing and unifying the different collections in the database. It is therefore entirely possible that you will come across incomplete or incorrect information. Please let us know if you do via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., thank you.

The IADDB gives access to:

posters & images
A large collection of high quality scans of historic, and more recent, advertisement materials like posters, packaging designs, cover designs, brochures, etc.
A gathering of commercials especially made for television.
Promotional songs as well as soundbites of audio commercials made to trigger the ear.
books & archives
An online overview that references to important publications on advertisement and design history, including the locations that will give you access to these publications.
designers & advertisers
Basic background information on designers, advertisers, printers etc. as can be found on the IADDB.
magazines & journals
Direct open access to rare and historic periodicals on advertisement and design.
artist's monograms
A tool to help you decipher signatures and other monograms. By entering a name or the description of a monogram or signature you will find information linked to your search.